Will it fit my Machine?

Probably, but it is your responsibility to determine whether our equipment is suitable for your use. Check the gallery for pictures of various installations.

Can you supply lengths beyond 3m?

Yes. The maximum single length of track is 3m but you can simply add pieces of track to the required length provided that the underlying fence is continuous and we can supply measures in lengths of 5m, 6m, 10m, 15m and 20m reading either L-R or R-L.


Our website automatically adds VAT @ 20.0% for UK customers and EU customers who are not registered for VAT.
All other customers should contact us by mail or phone to make payment and confirm delivery costs.
If we are shipping the order outside of EU, no VAT is charged.

How strong is it?

Much stronger than you think.

Have a look at the video if you want to see a stuntman bouncing on Flipstops or watch a Volvo driving over a piece of track.

Flipstop was designed for professional joinery and furniture making and in these settings it works extremely well and we have customers who are still using equipment bought in 1994.
Flipstop is also being used by Schools, colleges, prisons, timberyards, timberframe house builders, theatre and set builders, conservatory manufacturers, industrial roller shutter door makers, bandsaw blade makers Saw manufacturers, engineers and many other industries.
We have successfully supplied Flipstops into factories for use in fast cross cutting of large sections( 9”x 3”plus) on roller tables but this is at the outer limit of the products capability and requires a degree of care by the machine operator.

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