Flipstop Technical Data

FLIPSTOP is a measuring stop system which fits onto a 45mm high fence (standard ex 2” stock). It comprises a track with measuring scale onto which one or more sliding stops can be fitted.

The track is available in one, two and three metre lengths. Self adhesive measuring scales reading left/right or right/left are applied to the track. Depending on type of use, as many stops as required may be fitted to the track.


Make a fence 45mm high (standard ex 2” stock) and mount onto the machine.

Screw FLIPSTOP track onto the fence through the centre of the oval fixing slots in the base of the track.

Select the left or right reading measuring scale as required and trim to length. Peel off backing paper and apply the measure.

Machine a test piece and calibrate the installation using the oval fixing slots.


FLIPSTOP is sturdily constructed for use in commercial workshop environments. The heat treated aluminium alloy track has a wall thickness of 4mm and is supplied with a number of 5mm x 15mm oval fixing slots to allow fine calibration.

The measuring scales are 19mm wide steel with a polyurethane coating and are self adhesive.They are available reading left/right or right/left to allow fitting on either side of a machine.

The stops comprise an aluminium carriage which bolts into the track and a stop arm which can be flipped up, out of the way when not in use and flipped down when required.The amount of play in the stop arm is adjustable by turning the steel pivot pin.

The stops are reversible for left or right handed operation or to allow use from the front or the back. The clamping handle (epoxy-coated zinc-aluminium alloy) which locks the stop to the track is mounted on a sprung spline of steel so the handle may be positioned anywhere in a 360° arc by lifting and turning. When released it permits the stop to slide easily along the track for fast accurate set up.

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